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Jack Russell MBE
This year marks the 30th anniversary of me becoming a professional artist. 
It was way back in 1988 that we held my first exhibition of 40 sketches in Bristol and to my amazement it sold out in two days! Everything snowballed from there and to think I only started sketching and painting to fill in the time sat in the pavilion watching the rain fall.
Where's the time gone? I must be having fun, it's gone like lightening!  We're currently around the grounds with our touring exhibition and look what turned up at Northampton. The most beautifully crafted anniversary cake I've ever seen. The amount of intricate work and detail that went into it was amazing.  You are very skilful Emma Neail - @EmNeail.  
Eat your heart out Mary Berry because this cake tasted absolutely gorgeous!
We've still got Colwyn Bay coming up later in the season and to celebrate my 30 years as an artist the Chris Beetles Gallery in the centre of London will be showing an exhibition of my cricket paintings starting in August. 
There will be plenty of new work including my latest painting of my favourite ground, Lord's. 
For more details and to order a catalogue before they run out go to www.chrisbeetles.com 
The exhibition will run from 8th August to 1st September at: 8-10 Ryder Street, St James, London SW1Y 6QB. 
Tel: 020 7839 7551.
What's the name for a group of keepers? 
Someone let me know please. 
In a strange twist of fate these four 'old' keepers were out in the middle before the start of play at Wantage Road. Ripley, Nixon, Russell and Whiticase. A few dismissals there with that quartet!
(The photo expertly taken by my old England team mate and now first class umpire Nick Cook).  
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The painting I started last year at The Oval to capture the first ball delivered in The Oval's 100th Test Match has been purchased by Surrey County Cricket Club and will be added to their already superb and extensive collection. If you ever get the chance do wander around the pavilion and have a look at all the brilliant paintings they have hanging there. 
Also visit Bill Gordon in the museum. You'll be in there for hours studying the amazing collection of items they have, plus the extensive library of cricket books. While we were at our exhibition at the Surrey Club Shop early in the season I sneaked off for a guided tour of the artefacts with Bill. It was brilliant. Trust me, if you love cricket, you'll love the great history there. 
The Oval's 100th Test is a feat achieved by only 3 other grounds in the world.  Sydney, Melbourne and of course Lord's.  It was a privilege for me to capture such a momentous moment in cricketing history.  We now have a giclee print of The Oval's 100th Test  limited to just 100 in the edition, so I am afraid it will have to be sold on a strictly first come first served basis. Click here for more details. 
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My excuse is that I only 'put the paint on.' We will also be adjusting the text in our terms and conditions on our website because of the legislation.  Now that we've told you that we can all get on with living our lives as normal!
Jack Russell MBE
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