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Oct 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the October edition of the Jack Russell Gallary newsletter.
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Jack Russell MBE


Where's the summer gone, it's flown by!  That must mean we've either been busy or enjoying ourselves, or both!  Well it's both actually. It was wonderful to be back on tour with our travelling exhibition. Thanks to everyone at every venue we visited for looking after us so brilliantly and to you collectors out there who supported us. Hope you are enjoying your newly acquired paintings, prints and books. Without you this gallery wouldn't exist! Even if you're not a collector your kind comments when studying the pictures are much appreciated. Thank you, you all make it worthwhile.

Also for the entertaining comments, such as the man at Stamford School who asked my colleague Mike (who helps with the exhibitions) a number of questions regarding my career such as "How you enjoying retirement?” “Do you miss keeping wicket?” “Which ground do you enjoy painting most?" etc. This went on for about ten minutes. I know because I was sat next to Mike at the time, just two feet away. Eventually the spectator realised he should have been talking to me instead!  Everyone burst out laughing. The bonus for me is at least Mike looks a youthful 71 years old!!!


It was great to bump into some old friends again. Amongst them at The Cheltenham Cricket Festival was Graeme 'Foxy' Fowler, opening batsman for England, Lancashire and Durham.





As a youngster keeping wicket, when 'Foxy' was batting in front of me, between deliveries he used to tell me what a brilliant keeper I was and that “England will have to pick you soon”. How nice was that for a young player trying to make his way in the game. Wonderful encouragement. His book is fascinating too. Funny, interesting and revealing on how he has to deal with deep depression.  You couldn't meet a nicer guy.  Also Richard Latham and Nigel Turner from Bristol TV called in for a lengthy two part interview (@madeinBristol on Sky 117, Freeview 7, Virgin 149 #Subsbench). Keep up the good work guys with your programme ‘subsbench’, you're doing a great job promoting grass roots and professional sport in the West.


During our visit to the Minor Counties Cricket Festival at The Royal Hospital School in Suffolk I was asked a first by one of the Norfolk Youth teams. They wanted me to sign the rump of a cow, "Roger."  Roger was their lucky mascot for the tournament in which over 300 youngsters from Minor Counties' teams from around the country were taking part. Brilliantly organised by ex-Essex fast bowler Don Topley, recently retired sports master at RHS. What a fantastic job he does and the kids love it because they play there for a whole week so it's like being on tour, something they’re not normally used to. It's a fabulous spectacle with loads of games going on lots of pitches at once in a beautiful setting. The school is not only a delightful back drop but also has an amazing history with many famous pupils.  I feel another cricket painting coming on!

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It had always been a life long ambition to visit the World War I battlefields in France and Belgium. This burning desire evolved as a youngster growing up in and around the Slad Valley near Stroud (Laurie Lee “Cider with Rosie” country)

Timeless Valley

Pretending to be a soldier on manoeuvres close to the war memorial I was fascinated by the name of one of the fallen Edward Hogg, my great-great uncle. He walked out of the village in the Summer of 1914, leaving his wife and daughter at the gate of Rifleman’s Cottage in The Vatch, and never came back. He died on 7th November 1914 fighting near a village called Zwartleen (Belgium) with the 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment. On a misty morning they were ordered to take a wood that was believed to be unoccupied by the enemy. Walking in two lines across a wide open field they were mowed down by German machine gun fire. Of the 500 men who set out on foot 300 were killed or wounded, many having to be out in the open all day under fire, the few survivors waiting till dark to escape back to safety.

It was an amazing and moving experience for me a hundred years later to walk out across that very same field, on a misty November morning. It was an eerie feeling stood there alone in the middle of the sloping field knowing that all around me a tragedy had taken place. I was so moved I had to paint a picture of my great-great uncle and the Gloucestershire Regiment just setting off across that Flanders Field just “Seconds from Hell”.


He’s the soldier in the painting looking back at you.

Should anyone wish to learn more about the Gloucestershire Regiment please go to the Soldiers of Gloucester Museum in Gloucester Docks. If you would like to join me and become a Friend of the Gloucester Museum go to: www.soldiersofglos.com/friends


We’re looking ahead to another busy lead up to Christmas for the Gallery. Please check with Jane or the website for opening times and the dates for your last minute Christmas presents to be dedicated and posted. While everyone is getting ready for the festivities I will be out painting the beautiful autumn and winter colours and working in the studio on a number of private commissions. If you are one of those waiting for your painting please go easy on me, I can assure you they are on the way! If some of those clients agree I’ll show what I’ve been painting in the next Newsletter.

In the meantime, all of you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Stay lucky and I’ll see you in 2017!

Jack Russell MBE

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