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October 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the October edition of the Jack Russell Gallery newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading about what we’ve been up to.

Jack Russell MBE

Delphi Bridge

Been a Busy Year

It has been a wonderfully busy year so far, all starting with a commission to paint the historic Delphi Bridge situated on Bodmin Moor. Even in the depths of Winter I still get excited with this mysterious moor's amazing atmosphere. The mauve greys in the landscape and infinite colours in the ancient stonework were great fun to paint. The place never loses it's magic for me.

Delphi Bridge Giclee

Back on Tour

We were back on tour this Summer with the latest book and mini exhibition. Thank you to all the Counties and Cricket Clubs who looked after us so brilliantly and to all of you who added books and paintings to your respective collections. We couldn't have done it without you. There was a surprise for me at Canterbury during our couple of days at the Woman's Ashes Test Match when my old adversary Ian Healy called in to say hello and pick up a book to take back to Australia. I hadn't seen him for 25 years!

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The lake District

Between exhibitions I managed to sneak off to The Lake District for a few days for my first ever visit there. It was love at first sight. The place just blew me away. Based in Kendall I managed to make my way to various famous destinations including Orrest Head, Buttermere, Grasmere, Honister Pass and Lorton Vale. The only downside is that I'm going to need another 100 years painting time to capture all of The Lakes incredible places on canvas. I'm planning a trip back very shortly to get started!

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Serves me right

I also made my first ever visit to Edinburgh this Summer on 'Wicketkeeping Coaching' duties. That gave me the chance to wonder the famous old city streets to search for future painting opportunities during which I did a very dumb thing. I left my Nikon camera in a black taxi cab.! I was so fascinated by the architecture that I jumped out of the cab with my mind head was in the clouds (well, grimy chimney tops actually). I registered it as lost property with Scottish Police, but as of yet no luck - Serves me right!

Worth Every Pound

Also during my trip around the city I stumbled on the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival where I saw many clever performers including this lady acting as a statue. I thought it was so good that as I walked past her I put a pound coin in her bucket. As I turned away there was a roar of laughter from the large crowd behind me. When I turned around the 'statue' was still in the same pose. Bemused, I asked what had happened. Someone suggested I put another pound in the bucket and find out for myself. So I did, and this is what happened!

Delphi Bridge

Without the scrambled egg

During my journey home via the north east coast of England I spent a couple days in Bamburgh where I painted the castle from the beach. I had another altercation here which all started when in a local tea room I ordered scrambled egg, bacon and toast, without the scrambled egg. The waitress gave me a funny look saying she would have to go to the kitchen to see if that was possible. After a long delay she came back and said it wasn't, to which I replied please let someone else have the scrambled egg and just keep on the plate the bacon and toast, I'll pay you the full amount. So she went back to the kitchen to enquire for a second time. Well, the whole place came to stand still. All the waitresses disappeared and loud, agitated voices echoed through the building from the direction of the kitchen. All eyes in the tea room zeroed in on me as the culprit for everyone have to wait longer that normal for their orders. Eventually my bacon and toast arrived and normal service resumed. When I'd finished eating I slid out out sheepishly leaving the full amount plus tip. I didn't realise such a request would nearly cause a riot! Worth the embarrassment though, because it was delicious!!!

Delphi Bridge

CONGRATULATIONS gloucestershire!!

Congratulations to my old team Gloucestershire for winning the Royal London One Day Cup at Lord's against all the odds. Thank you to Test Match Special for asking me to be one of the commentary summarisers for both the semi final and the final. Not only are they are fabulous bunch to work with, but you always get a wonderful place to commentate from. At Headingley in particular you are so high above the pitch that it's like watching cricket on google earth!

MY Favourite work

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The Cricket Match

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