Eric Clapton


High definition Giclee print

“When I asked Eric if anyone had painted his portrait from life, he said “No. But I don’t mind if you do.” It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse. It took two years from that conversation to actually sitting down with Eric to paint the portrait. As a rule I need around three hours to complete a colour note of someone’s face. When we sat down in his London home I asked him how long he could sit for, “about 45 minutes” came the reply. I went white with panic. After an hour he had to leave for rehearsal at the Albert Hall, so the sitting had to end. I wandered up the Kings Road, Chelsea, with a very incomplete portrait. Just an eyeball, a bit of chin, one ear, and half a nose! I sat down in a Cafe with the picture beside me. A gentleman opposite peered over his newspaper, studied the painting for a minute, then remarked “I see you’ve been to see Eric”, then disappeared behind his paper. It was no other than actor Dudley Sutton, famous for his role as ‘Tinker’ in the TV series ‘Lovejoy’. At that point I knew I had cracked it. I was delighted!” Jack Russell MBE

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