Bab’s Burgers


Original painting oil on canvas measuring 15″ x 14″

Every year I try and paint a couple of industrial landscapes. They don’t always turn out looking like picture postcards, and granted not everyone wants something industrial on their walls at home, but that shouldn’t matter to an artist. The challenge for me is re-creating the atmosphere and testing myself with new colours.

I find that with November and December light, when the days are short and the angle of the sun low, there are the most amazing scenes. Some appear void of much light at all but if you search deep enough with your eyes, the colours ARE there! I accept that the only person who may be interested in this painting maybe Bab’s herself (who makes a lovely cup of tea by the way) but to me that doesn’t matter, the fun I had trying to paint this view was brilliant. If it’s good enough for Turner, Pissaro, Lowry and Co. to have a go, why shouldn’t I? I love doing it. I do have one more I started last December to finish. If you would like to see that, and what is planned for the Summer sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out some amazing colours on the following link below” Jack Russell MBE

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